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Fall Leaves Fall
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Title: Fall Leaves Fall

Grade Level: K

Subjects: Language Arts, Science

Overview: Students will be continue to work with the letter E and will continue to learn about autumn and the changes it brings.

Materials or Equipment:

        Book for read aloud - Fall Leaves Fall

Ÿ        Student journals

Illinois State Standards:

State Goal 1: Read with understanding and fluency.

Ÿ        B. Apply reading strategies to improve understanding and fluency.

-         1.B.1a: Establish purposes for reading, make predictions, connect important ideas, and link text to previous experiences and knowledge.

-         1.B.1c: Continuously check and clarify for understanding (e.g., reread, read ahead, use visual and context clues, ask questions, retell, use meaningful substitutions).


State Goal 2: Read and understand literature representative of various societies, eras and ideas.

Ÿ        B. Read and interpret a variety of literary works.

-         2.B.1c: Relate character, setting and plot to real-life situations.


State Goal 12: Understand the fundamental concepts, principles and interconnections of the life, physical and earth/space sciences.

Ÿ        E. Know and apply concepts that describe the features and processes of the Earth and its resources.

-         12.E.1b: Identify and describe patterns of weather and seasonal change.

Goals: Students will learn about fall activities and will be able to recognize things they like about fall.

Behavioral Objectives:

Ÿ        Students will draw a picture in their journal regarding their favorite part of fall and dictate what their picture represents.

Teacher preparation:

Ÿ        Set up journals and stamp with today’s date.


Ÿ        Review with students what we read yesterday.  What do they remember about leaves?  What season are we starting to learn about?  What happens to leaves in the fall?


Ÿ        Read aloud: Fall Leaves Fall. 

Ÿ        Discuss text.  What did the kids in the book enjoy doing?  Have students recall and discuss the text.

Ÿ        Explain that students will be completing a journal entry.  Just as we learned about what the boy and girl in the book enjoy about fall, tell the students it is their turn to share what they like about fall and to draw this in their journals.  As they finish up, they will raise their hands so I can come around and they can dictate to me.


Ÿ        Dictate journal entries.

Extra Challenge or Adaptations:

Ÿ        Student will sit with other students to work in his journal.  He will use 1-2 word utterances to express his needs (regarding color, etc.)

Evaluation or Assessment:

Ÿ        Journal entries – students follow directions and draw something they like about fall.  Students will dictate to me what they drew in their journal and use a complete sentence to tell me what they like about fall (with prompting if needed).